Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Malaysia's Voting Via Proxy System???

Malaysia vote via proxy systemIt was reported in the newspaper recently that the Malaysian Election Commission (EC) came up with a proposal about vote via proxy system. If this proposal is given a 'thumps up' for implementation, one can vote for other people in the next election. It means that somebody may cast a vote during the election.

Now this proposal seems good on the paper but it is simply unacceptable. Having this voting via proxy system, possibility of somebody cast a vote for you, without your knowledge or without your consent will be the main problem. Even now there are so many cases where somebody is using your name to vote in the election and by having this system this issues will be a 'volcano'.

The EC should not go ahead with this proposal as I think this proposal is down right stupid and undermine the democracy system in Malaysia. How can you make sure this voting via proxy is not going to be manipulated or misused by some irresponsible politicians or parties in Malaysia?

So EC please respect the voters and be just in implementing any system. Vote is a personal right. Vote via proxy system is unacceptable.

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