Isnin, 24 Januari 2011

Natural Oats Cereal Drink - Mornflakes Specialities (s) Pte Ltd

Natural Oat Cereal Drink from MornflakesYesterday I went to Tong Hing Kota Kinabalu to buy 3 in 1 drink. I found this Natural Oats Cereal Drinks and decided to give it a try. It looks delicious and on the packet it says 'Minuman Bijirin Oat with Beta-glucan (Soluble Fiber) with protein and no Cholesterol)

Oh me anything withour cholesterol is good. So I bought the packet and now I am going to drink it. Hahaha

A friend told me that this is actually a very good drink Natural Oats Cereal Drink from Mornflakes helps to reduce the fat from your body. Is it so? Well who knows, and that is the very reason why I am going to drink it now. I have 14 more small packets to go before I can actually be able to tell you my humble personal testimonial about this Natural Oats Cereal Drink from Mornflakes.

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