Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

PBS Raps Atama Katama

Parti Bersatu Sabah - PBS - trully don't rap. They breakdance instead, straight into Kota Kinabalu Police Station.PBS Parti Buli Singer, PBS Raps AtamaI'm not a fan of Atama, but knew the fact that he is a local singer. A rapper, to be precise. Maybe I'm just too old to like him. But, I did listen to his rap song sometime ago in a friend's car and he admitted that it was a pirated CD copy. By the way I like the song.

I don't blame Webley who-is-he and PBS gang that marched to police station due to Atama allegedly slanders state leaders. Well, they are just pawns. When the boss ask them to tango, they tango; the boss ask them to joget, they joget. Sometimes strange things happen, too. Their boss didn't say a word but they tango and they joget. Instinct driven perhaps, feeling that boss may be pleased by what they do. But it was about tango and joget. Now that Atama raps, I dunno. Maybe the boss ask them to rap later.

Masidi was quoted a quote of "it takes a monkey to call another person monkey". Literally it isn't possible. It must be a person to call another person monkey because, monkey can't speak human language.

Oh yeah.

Atama is a rapper and he raps (actually the bruhaha by PBS youth is about sketches that he uploaded on FACEBOOK) on Pairin, Musa and Masidi ~ my, the trio trully don't rap. They breakdance straight into police station instead.

I never had a chance of becoming a public figure. Therefore, I wanna ask something. Did a public figure personally rewarding any member of public who praise him openly, either in cash or in kind everytime?

I don't think so, so get it even. Do not punish them simply because they mock at you or the karma will haunts you later. If you allow and like people to praise and to say good things upon you; blame nobody if later there will be echoed by curses and bad rumours. It is just the other side of a coin.

If someone can't understand this, then please withdraw gracefully from being a public figure. Shame, shame, shame on them.


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