Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Pekan Nabalu Handicraft And Souvenir Shops

Pekan Nabalu handicrafts and souvenir shopsLast month I had the opportunity to go to Kundasang Ranau. The best thing of the whole things was the opportunity to visit Pekan Nabalu handicraft and souvenir shops in Pekan Nabalu. I was taking my friend from Malaya on holiday to Kundasang Ranau and he wanted real bad to visit Pekan Nabalu.

Oh well, I was quite happy to take him there to shop for some handcraft products and souvenir in Pekan Nabalu. Pekan Nabalu is also a place where you can see the mighty Mount Kinabalu very closely towering high right before your eyes. Pekan Nabalu is a small town on top of a mountain located in between Tamparuli and Kundasang main road.

I was there and immediately took my friend from Malaya touring around to all the Pekan Nabalu handicrafts and souvenir shops. I did my best to make sure he buy handicraft and souvenir there in Pekan Nabalu instead of visiting Filipino Market in Kota Kinabalu.

I told him, it is important for him to buy handcraft there as to help the local people instead of buying it from Filipino Market. The price of handicraft and souvenir in Pekan Nabalu is also much cheaper compared to the price for the same items in Filipino market.

He bought the idea and spent almost RM 350.00 for handicraft and souvenir in Pekan Nabalu. Everybody was really happy. We should do our best to promote the local products and to buy from the local people as to help the local to improve their livelihood.

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