Sabtu, 1 Januari 2011

(Photo)Children Nose Shapes

Children nose shape. How to get a beautiful children nose shapesBeautiful children nose shapes? I was looking at my nose this morning and was wondering how my nose looks like if I was able to develop it into a certain shape when I was still a children. Well, I am quite happy with the looks of my nose at the moment but are there any possibility to get a beautiful children nose shape?

Many people probably thinking about how to get a beautiful children nose shapes for their children. I have seen people with large ear with a large hole on it as it was developed into that shape since there was small. Similarly the Chinese small feet tradition for women was developed since they was a child to get a tiny feet.

Now let come back to the real question how to develop a beautiful children nose shape for your children? Are there any techniques or tricks that we can employ to get a better nose shape for children?

Developing a nose shape into certain shape may takes long time to do. May be there are some devices that we can use to get our nose to certain shape or many be to practices some habit like nose pinching to get a big and long nose?

Anyway, if you have some idea about how to get a beautiful children nose shape please share it here. Sharing knowledge is good.

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