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Pulau Tigabu-Tigabu Island

Pulau Tigabu or Tigabu Island in Sabah.Conference calling companies,Purchase structured settlements,Home owner secured loanLast week I was in Kudat town and bumped into some old friend from Pulau Tigabu or Tigabu Island.

I remember ten years ago during my school days, I used to have many friends came all the way from Pulau Tigabu.

Now that I run a webpage about Kudat, I wanted to get some useful information about Tigabu Island such as transportation to get there and accomodation information so that interested visitors could use it as their travel guide to Pulau Tigabu.

yes, Pulau Tigabu located on the east about 4-6 hours on boat to reach the island of Tigabu. The rough seas condition also increase the travelling time as the boat will have to go all the way towards Bengkoka traveling along near the coastline of Pitas to avoid big waves that could be very dangerous.

I asked some friends and the told me there is quiker and safer way to go to Pulau Tigabu. It is with the Pasukan Gerak Am (PGA) boat. They normarly go to Tigabu Island once or a couple of time a week to replace PGA officer in Tigabu Island.

So what to do in Pulau Tigabu? Well if you love diving or snorkeling, that could be one of the activities you could do there. I was told there are nice and clean beaches around the island and the water is not infested with crocordile like Balambangan Island. Other activities such as hiking and taking pictures, learning some knowledge on how to farm sea cucumber and so on are also things that you should do there.

I will try to arrange my trip to Pulau Tigabu. If anyone of you are interested to make a trip there, I know some friends who has a boat that can be hired to go there.

There is one blog run by somebody from Pulau Tigabu, just in case you want to visit it.

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