Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

Tips On How To Steal Or Hack Facebook Password

Teknik mencuri hack password FacebookI know many of you would like to know some tricks how to steal or hack Facebook password. You probably want to hack your girlfriend Facebook password to find out who is she chatting to in the Facebook all the time or you want to steal other people Facebook password to used his or her Facebook account to blackmail somebody or to post news items that are sensitives or illegal.

There are so many people asked me how to do it. I answered some of it but skip most of it. Too many people and to answer them one-by-one is simply something I should be doing since I am a very busy guy.

To answer all the question, I decided to make this post, so that you don't have to see me for an answer about the above question but just read on and get the tricks. I attached a video for you about some tricks on how to steal or hack Facebook password.

VIDEO: How to steal or hack Facebook password

To those who already gone through this blog post I wish you luck in using the tips about how to steal of hack Facebook password. Please share this info with other people as well.

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