Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

UFO-MSW-BT260 Intopic - Good Tracking Mouse

UFO-MSW-BT260 Intopic - Good Tracking MouseTwo of the most important factors when selecting a mouse is comfort and how accurate the tracking is. And the mouse having evolved from wired, to optical, to wireless and then, now Bluetooth has so far been able to increase accuracy from one technology to the next.

The roller ball feature moved onto optical technology to prevent dust collecting in the crevices of the bottom and Intopic has joined the Bluetooth mouse bandwagon to provide 'high-precision total cordless freedom'. The UFO-MSW-BT260 is not too big or too small; it has the right size that is perfect for normal computing task as well as gaming and internet surfing.

It may not look very stylist with its black plastic and rubber exterior but it is ergonomic and glides smoothly. Setting up the UFO-MSW-BT260 was really easy, just pair it with your Bluetooth-ready PC and you are set to go.

There is scrollwheel in the top centre of the mouse and a page up/ page down rocker on the left side. The build quality is solid, it does not feel like it was made of tacky materials but industry-level materials.

All in all, tracking on the mouse is precise and you can even switch the CPI from 800, 1000 to 1200 with LED indicators. The automatic power-saving mode UFO utilises active frequency hopping to prohibit the interaction of different frequencies. In conclusion, it is a good mouse with smooth tracking.

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