Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

BeautifulNara gossip blog that makes huge money

There are so many gossip blogs out there but BEAUTIFULNARA is the most outstanding, and, that blog according to my own research is making between RM 5,000 - RM 10,000 or may be more every single month to the blog owner. May be that figure is nothing like what (who makes USD 40,000 / month) is getting but for a gossip blog, that figure above is really something.

So what are the creterias that I used to evaluate the income of I was looking at the blog ads space monthly rental fees to come up with the above figures. That valuation is based on the ads space monthly rental alone, and I believe is also displaying ads from Nuffnang which I think also making huge money for the owner of

This blog is getting page view at average of 500 - 1000 visitor every single minutes. Imagine how much visitors he is getting per day or per month. That is a very huge figure and mind you this blog is already become one of the authority in gossip blogs in Malaysia in Google search engine. Hat off to the owner of this blog. This guys is really amazing.

There is more. This guy is also running several other blog namely,, and, and those blogs are also receiving huge number of organic traffics every single minutes, and, those blogs are also offering ads space and displaying Nuffnang ads. Putting together all of this I think the earlier income figure above is no longer accurate and I'd be happy to settle down to this new figure. I think blog owner is getting between RM 10,000 - RM 15,000 per month from all of the blogs that under his care.

So for those of you that are still skeptical about whether or not blogging is making money, you better think again. But then again, it is not an easy thing. You need to work hard for it. I could imagine all the hard works, time and money spent for the owner of BeautifulNara blog owner need to endure to come to what it is today. is indeed one of my favorite gossip blog. It motivates me to work harder for my blog although it is not an easy one.

Congratulation BeautifulNara!!!

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