Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Cikgu Shida Belacan And Paku Video On Youtube!!!

I stumbled upon this Cikgu Shida Belacan and Paku video on youtube today. I think this a very funny video and worth sharing with you. The video is below this blog post.

One thing that is most interesting in this video is Cikgu Shida ability in fashion, makeup and video editing. I can see from those videos created by Cikgu Shida that they are nicely edited and mind you those are high quality video. Novice in video editing will not be able to come up with that remarkable quality of video.

The second most interesting is the appearance of Paku and Belacan in that video. Paku and Belacan had created many videos on youtube and those are funny video. The most important thing is that this two gentlemen speaks Malay language very well and they are not even Malaysian but came all the way from United States of America. Honestly I feel so proud of them. Hopefully there will be many more non-malaysian speaks Malay Language.

So as promised, below is Cikgu Shida Belacan And Paku Video on Youtube for you to enjoy.

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