Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Dahlia Eleanor Iking is Daphne Iking muslim name

Dahlia Eleanor Iking is Daphne Iking muslim nameThe internet was in such a frenzy in this several days when there are so many people are talking about Daphne Iking or now known as Dahlia Eleanor Iking had remarried and converted to muslim faith.

According to some reliable sources Dahlia Eleanor Iking had remarrid to a Malay guy by the name Azmi Abdul Rahman or better known are Joe, a former Managing Director of Redberry Group.

Daphne Iking or Dahlia Eleanor Iking confirmed the news about her married with Azmi Abdul Rahman as well as the news about her converted to Islam.

Congratulations Dahlia Eleanor Iking. We hope that whatever it is, it is the best for you.

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