Ahad, 27 Februari 2011

Elephant sex-up car South Africa

Elephant tries sex-up car in South AfricaAn elephant in South Africa got randy over a car, mistaking it for a mate, reported The Sun.

Irishman John Somer and Carina Lowers were driving through the Pilanesberg Game Reserve when they saw the five-ton elephant, called Amarula.

The elephant went straight for their Volkswagon Passat and began rubbing up against it.

The randy elephant soon got tired and rolled the vehicle on to its back.

Somer said, "When the bull (elephant) started flipping the car over my life literally started flashing before my eyes.

"The car landed on its roof and we were lying inside it.

"Carina was very scared and wanted to crawl out but first I wanted to see where the elephant was.

"When we saw it was walking away, we crawled out through the window."

Source: The Sun Published Feb 27 2011

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