Ahad, 27 Februari 2011

Karnival Pengajian Tinggi Negara (KPTN) 2011

Karnival Pengajian Tinggi Negara (KPTN) Jom Masuk U 2011Today was a busy day for me. I went to the 7th Karnival Pengajian Tinggi Negara (KPTN) 2011 or otherwise always known nationwide as 'Karnival Jom Masuk U'. The venue was in Suria Sabah shopping complex on the ground floor.

It was a very busy moment whereby students and parents are swarming colleges, universities and education related exhibition booths to get some information about the opportunities to further their studies to a higher level.

I think the timing was perfect. Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) was just announced while Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) will be announce very soon and for sure students are very excited to get all the information to make an informed decision to further their studies.

Karnival Pengajian Tinggi negara (KPTN) 2011 or 'Jom Masuk U' this time is the most successful one. There are so many participating agencies and institutes that 2 hour will not be enough for you to go through all the exhibition booths. I think 3 hours will be the best one.

Hopefully next year, there Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Negara will organize similar event again in Sabah. The next venue for Karnival Jom Masuk U is on 5 - 6 March 2011 at Dewan Jubli Perak Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Kuantan Pahang.

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