Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Make Money With Nuffnang???

How To Make Money With Nuffnang
Hi People,

This time I am going to talk about something not related to any gossip in Malaysia but about how to make money with Nuffnang. You heard me right? We are going to discuss about how to make money online with Nuffnang and whether or not Nuffnang pays its publishers.

Before we go down to the Nuffnang business any further, please forgive me for not been able to write any blog post in the past a few days. I was busy on my new project, setting up This webpage was made to make it easier for our students in Malaysia to get all the latest information about education and scholarship news in Malaysia. So that was the reason I left this blog for several days not updated.

Now let us come back to Nuffnang thingy. How to make money with Nuffnang? I decided to become the member of Nuffnang community three days ago. My aim was to test the water. I wanted to test 2 things, firstly is it really possible to make money online with Nuffnang, and secondly I wanted to test whether or not Nuffnang really pays its publishers.

Now, on the first question about possibility to make money with Nuffnang, I came out with a new and very ugly blog hosted on a free hosting with The blog primary aims is to show you how to make money with Nuffnang with ugly blog on free hosting with blogspot. I will post all my Nuffnang updates on that blog so make sure you pay it a visit often. Visit my blog about make money with Nuffnang here >>> Money With Nuffnang

By using that blog I will put the second question into test, to see whether or not Nuffnang really pays its publishers.

I went around the online community to get a clearer information about Nuffnang and I found out that there are so many people are using Nuffnang to make money online, and perhaps based on some of the blog postings that some of them received their Nuffnang cheques.

By the way let see how to make money with Nuffnang. Hopefully I will be able to make my next blog post on how to make money with Nuffnang very soon.

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