Isnin, 21 Februari 2011

MasterJohn SEO Services In Malaysia???

I was looking for some Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks for blog based in Malaysia and stumbled upon this webpage MasterJohn.Net who claims himself as an SEO expert in Malaysia. The owner of that blog is offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Malaysia.

Honestly, I was interested to get their services to optimize my blog's SEO to increase ranking in Google search engine. I haven't decided yet whether or not to get their SEO Services in Malaysia.

By the way this webpage details is as follows:-
Age: Since April 07, 2004 (About 7 Years)
Google PR: PR 2
Alexa Rank: 1465762
Backlinks: 2,544
Price: 0
Are there anyone ever used their SEO Services in Malaysia to get your website or blog to to 10 in Google PageRanking? If you did, please share your opinion here as I want to make a decision very soon.

I'm looking forward to make more money online and that getting my blog a better ranking in Google search engine is my biggest dream.

As you all are well-aware that if your blog is on a top ranking, that is when the money to start rolling into your account. It is because you will be getting massive organic traffics from Google. Please give me some idea if there are any other SEO Services provider in Malaysia otherwise I'm seriously considering MasterJohn SEO Services for my blog.

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  1. better stay away... masterjohn and pichalee are actually same person , and they use SPAM method to SEO your website.

  2. here is the prove of masterjohn using SEO spam method

    You can see real evidence here too :

    all point to masterjohn, if this is not called SEO SPAM , whatelse is SEO SPAM ?

  3. Nice!! Great Info. Great People. Great Blog. Thank you for all the great sharing that is being done here related to SEO.


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