Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Optima College Malaysia

I received one flyers in my mail box yesterday from Optima College Malaysia. It was about diploma and degree program that being offered in Optima College in Malaysia.

Last week a friend of mine asked me to look around for a good college for his son. I haven't really been able to get all the information for him. Yes, I think this is my lucky day since I don't have to visit every single colleges to get all the information. All I have to do is to collect all this college flyers and pass it to him.

Talking about education, one will need to really think carefully. You will need to have a proper planning and most of all you must know what are you going to do with your diploma or degree certificate in the future. Success comes from good and proper planning.

If you ask me, my recommendation is you must choose a college that is closer to your hometown, cheaper fees, good facilities and college with good reputation. Anyway, briefly about Kolej Optima Malaysia, they are offering Executive Diploma Programme, Corporate Training and Travel Tourism and Hospitality programmes.

In fact I noticed that since last two weeks there are many flyers arrived in my mailbox. I also have Lincoln College Malaysia flyers. Kolej Lincoln is well-known in offering Diploma in Nursing but currently their college is in Kuala Lumpur. If you are interested to do your Diploma in Nursing in Kuala Lumpur Lincoln College Malaysia is also one of your good choice.

Finally, for those Sabahan there are so many good colleges in Sabah. I don't think it is necessary for you to fly all the way to Peninsular Malaysia to do your diploma or degree level now. You can do it here in Sabah, closer to your home.

One of the best college in Sabah is Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu (Cosmopoint KK Sabah). If you are interested to know more about Cosmopoint College Sabah please visit their webpage >>>

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