Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Paula Malai Ali Has Given Birth To A Baby Boy!!!

Paula Malai Ali has given birth to a baby boy in BruneiThis is just in - Paula Malai Ali has given birth to a baby boy in a private hospital in Brunei Wednesday afternoon.

A source close to the ESPN STAR Sports F1 commentator, who spoke to The Daily Chilli on condition of anonymity, confirmed the good news, saying:

"Paula is going to be taken care of by her mum during her post-natal period back home in Brunei."

The full name of her baby has yet to be revealed, but Paula and family called him "Zane".

The 36-year-old TV host got married on the quiet with Los Angeles-based Tv producer, known only as Sam, sometime last year.

The new mum is expected to return to work in May. Congratulations Paula!!!

Source: dailychilli.com

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