Ahad, 27 Februari 2011

(Photos)Aishah Sinclair No HIV Inside

Who is the owner of No HIV Inside?You probably are scratching your head to find out who is the owner of this tummy 'No HIV Inside'. Scratch or search no more. This tummy with the writing 'No HIV Inside' is belong to Aishah Sinclair.

The photos was taken when Aishah Sinclair was pregnant during the AIDSAware campaign. This is none other but Aishah Sinclair creative idea. I salute Aishah Sinclair for this idea to help the AIDSAware campaign to raise public awareness about the danger of HIV.

Anyway, that photos was when Aishah Sinclair was pregnant, and right now this is her new looks.
Oh..wow Aishah Sinclair looks gorgeous.

Photo Sources: runwithme.blogspot.com

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