Jumaat, 4 Mac 2011

Amy Mastura Kose Ambassador

By Steven Patrick
Amy Mastura is a mother, actress, singer and now.. the new Kose ambassador.

The 39-year-old is endorsing the Japanese cosmetic line.

She says Kose suits her skin and her increasing age.

"I feel confident all the time with the product. Besides cosmetics, looking young is also about having a good heart and being happy, " says the mother-of-two.

A Kose spokesperson said that Amy was chosen because of her vast experience in the entertainment industry.

Mastura has been in the entertainment business for twenty years and her most recent TV drama was Penanggal, where she starred as a ghost.

She has also recorded seven albums in her career, the last was Happy in 2009.

"I may record a single in the future. We'll see. I have no plans to retire from this business," she says.

Talk about forever young!
Amy Mastura new Kose AmbassadorPublished March 4

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