Sabtu, 26 Mac 2011

Aussie breaks arm in fall while boarding train in Sabah

As you guys know that Sabah train from Tanjung Aru railway station to Tenom is back in operation. However I think safety measure is something the Sabah Train management should look into seriously.

Recently, a tourist Mr. Bill MitcTanjung Aru Railway Station Sabah, the Sabah train system hel from Australia breaks arm in fall while boarding train at Tanjung Aru railway station in Sabah when he slipped, fell face down and landed on his left shoulder.

Shangri-La Tanjung Aru resort staff rushed him to Sabah Medical Center (SMC) for treatment. Thanks goes to the staffs of the resort who did their best to give assistance to Mr. Bill Mitchel.

The management of Tanjung Aru railway station should do something to improve safety measure to prevent similar thing is not going to happen again in the future

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