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Body parts in suitcase at Meadowbank Western Sydney

There is a very shocking report from Sydney Morning Herald this morning about human body parts in a suitcase at Meadowbank Western Sydney today. Police investigation is ongoing. Below is a complete story I lifted out from Sydney Morning Herald online news.

Body parts found in suitcase dumped in Sydney canal
by: Saffron Howden
Police divers search the Meadowbank canal where body parts were found in a suitcase. Photo: Brendan Esposito
A suitcase containing human remains found in a canal in a Sydney park today will be opened by a forensics team.

Construction workers found the large black cloth case at Meadowbank in western Sydney this morning.

They called police at 8.30am after seeing body parts through a small slit they made, Superintendent Peter Marcon of Gladesville police said.

He said the case appeared to have been in the tidal canal, which flows into the Parramatta River, for some time.

"It's just a black cloth suitcase. It's quite a large one," he said.

Police are taking statements from the construction workers, who will be offered counselling, he said.

"We're calling on anyone who has been in this area who has seen anything that is not in keeping with this area to contact police," he added.

Anyone who has any information is urged to phone police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

AAP reports: The body was moved to the morgue just before 1pm.

Superintendent Marcon said: "I'm unable to tell you a gender at this stage as we've been asked to leave everything the way it is for further examination at the city morgue.

"All we can say is we believe it's human remains from what we've been told from the witnesses," he said.

"We haven't opened the suitcase. We've been asked to leave the suitcase as it is for further investigation by pathologists at the morgue."

At this stage, it would appear to be "remains" in the suitcase and not bones, he said.

Four police divers are searching the canal where the case was found.

Police are also investigating tyre tracks in the park close to the canal, but the case may have floated in from the Parramatta River.

"As far as I'm concerned, this whole area is a crime scene," Superintendent Marcon said.

"We're very early and this is in the legwork stage of the investigation and we're just going to look at every possible thing that we can and see where it takes us," he said.

The remains could not have been in the park for long as it had been cleaned up on Sunday, Clean Up Australia Day, he said.

Source: smh.com.au
Photo: Brendan Esposito

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