Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

Cheryl Samad getting married

This news is not yet confirmed but there are rumors going around saying this pretty lady Cheryl Samad is getting married soon.

It was reported that Cheryl Samad will get married with a Chinese guy. We don't care whether the person is a Malay, Indian or Chinese, are we? We still don't know the name of Cheryl Samad soon-to-be husband. But I think we will know his name very soon.

According to some rumors, invitation card for Cheryl Samad wedding ceremony has already been sent out. Wahh..where is my invitation... *sob..sob

If this rumors about Cheryl Samad getting married is true, I want to be amongst the first to say 'Congratulations!' to her.

Anyway, whatever it is, let us pray and hope for the best for Cheryl Samad. We will continue to support her work in entertainment industry.

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