Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

Children without document in Sabah

It seems that the above topic is getting hotter by the day. People are talking about it everywhere. The sight of stateless children is no longer unusual today. If you are walking around the city of Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau and Keningau there are thousands children without document roaming the city.

I don't know why the government seems not worried about this issue. This issue had been discussed in so many occasion as far as in Malaysia parliament but until now a good solution still has not been finalized.

The sad part is that the federal government repeatedly denied the issue even after Mr. Wilfred Bumburing already submitted some documents to prove that this problem is indeed exist in Sabah.

I had a long conversation with some friends last night. They was expressing their concern about the issue about Stateless Children in Sabah. The question is why do we have this so called 'Stateless Children in Sabah'?

Those children born in Sabah and their parent do not have valid travel document to be in Sabah. Hence, we cannot issue any document for those children. Those stateless children are mainly comes from Philippines and Indonesia, making it a very serious problem to the local people and the government of Sabah.

But even it is very difficult, we still have to deal with this issue and solve it once and for all. Ignoring their existence in Sabah is not going to make the issue vanish into a thin air. Their numbers is multiplying and caused so much problem such as pick-pocket, thief, robbing and many more.

I think if we don't solve this issues, we the local will become a minority very soon. When that time comes, there is nobody we could blame but the government for not solving the issues soonest possible and letting these illegal entry of foreigners into Sabah.

The only way available now is to vote out the current government, hoping the next government pay more attention to solve this so called illegal immigrant and stateless children in Sabah.

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