Jumaat, 11 Mac 2011

Ella in World Rock Festival in Moscow Russia

Ella to rock Russia
By Steven Patrick
Rock queen Ella will be playing a 45-minute-set at the World Rock Festival in Moscow, Russia in mid-June.

She will be representing Malaysia at the festival, alongside international acts like Slash and Linkin Park.

She was stunned when she found out she was chosen for the mega-concert.

"I am very honoured and plan to play some of my greatest hits like Layar Impian," she said.

Ella was chosen on the strength of a performance she did in St Petersburg last November.

It was a special performance in aid of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), where she performed 6 songs .

"How did the WWF get my name? The googled Asian rock queens and found a Wikipedia page on me and they contacted me," she said.

Ella is currently recording a new album that will be ready in May.

Her last album, Rama Rama was released in 2007 under the Warner label.

Source: DailyChilli.com

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