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Fan Stab Mourinho, bodyguard wounded

A crazed fan who tried to stab former Chelsea football boss Jose Mourinho with a dagger was being hunted last night.

His personal bodyguard wcrazy fan stab mourinho, bodyguard injuredas wounded as the maniac lashed out with the weapon.

Real Madrid coach Mourinho, 48, was hurried away by his security team after the incident at La Coruna airport, north-west Spain.

Spanish media said the security guard, called Eduardo, only realized he had been stabbed when he boarded the team bus.

He thought he had been punched until he saw blood pouring from the wound. The minder needed treatment for a 1.5in (4cm) wound. Real Madrid security chiefs believe the attacker's target was Mourinho.

Newspaper El Periodico said: "Mourinho stopped to sign autographs in arrivals, where a large number of Madrid fans were waiting for the team.

"The bodyguard was near the manager and noticed he had been stabbed in the armpit.

"The security guard realised he had a 4cm wound caused by a sharp object.

"Mourinho was very worried by the incident."

Security cameras recorded last Friday's drama before Real's game with Deportivo and a tall suspect has been identified. Portuguese-born Mourinho was not told about the incident until yesterday.

Security has been stepped up for Real's La Liga fixture against Racing Santander tomorrow.

Mourinho, who moved to Chelsea from Portuguese club Porto in 2004, has experienced scares before.

He told of suffering "weeks of terror" after receiving death threats before Porto won the UEFA Champions League in 2004.

In 2009 he was targeted by Muslim radicals after blaming Inter Milan player Sulley Muntari's loss of form on fasting during Ramadan.

And last year he was warned Macedonian gangsters were planning to kidnap him.

At Chelsea he bagged two consecutive Premier League titles in 2005 and 2006 and left in 2007.

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