Isnin, 28 Mac 2011

Fat Cat Cake House in Sandakan

Creative minded people are always welcomed in any business venture. Business move forward not just because of financial strength, good leadership but also from creativity.

I was in Sandakan recently to attend some business matters. Stayed overnight in Sandakan before I took a bus from Sandakan to Tawau. Taking a bus from Sandakan to Tawau is time consuming as it will takes about 6 hours to reach Tawau but it is a cheaper option. I don't want to create a big hole in my pocket. Taking a bus once in a while is not so bad anyway.

Sandakan has turned into a very busy city now. The seaside or they call it Sandakan esplanade is where you should go to in the evening. This is where bars, restaurant, couple dating point and many more are grouped together along the seaside. Along the sea side you can see so many young couples holding hand, probably saying some promises of a life time to their love one while watching the sunset. If you love a mug or two of cold beer you can get it here as well. It is located within a walking distant from Sandakan Hotel. Just walk towards the Sea from Sandakan Hotel.
Fat Cat Cake House Sandakan. Sandakan esplanadeAnyway one thing that I think the most interesting part is the photos shown above. I stumbled upon this Fat Cat Cake House when I was walking back to Sandakan Hotel from the seaside. At the first glanced I thought it was a place where you can buy a food for cat and get your cat really fat. I took a second look before I realized it was actually a cake house and nothing to do with a cat food at all.

This name stucked into my mind and until now I still remember clearly the color and the design of the front door of this cake house. I think this is a very creative way how to get people always remember your shop. It is simple but I think it works.

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