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Fishing boat charter Sabah

I have been receiving e-mail and phone calls about where to get fishing boat charter in Sabah. There are many but mostly fishing boat without license to be use as fishing boat charter for visitor in Kota Kinabalu or any other places in Sabah.Fishing trip,7 star fishing sabah,sport fishing charter kota kinabalu,fishing in sabah waters,, 7 star fishing adventures,deep sea fishing sabah,7starfishingsabah.comI don't recommend those without license. Anything happen to you, you are on your own. I know there are several fishing boat for charter in Sabah for one day or more fishing trips and this company is an experience fishing trip charter in Sabah.

Fishing charter from Kota Kinabalu are available with 7 Star Fishing Sabah. They has been in the business for many years already and so far most of the comments about them are good, except for some comment about the skipper but generally wonderful

I haven't went out fishing with 7 Star Fishing Sabah yet but I'm sure judging from those comments they are the master in this fishing boat charter in Sabah.

You are advised to contact the directly. Please visit their website at or e-mail them at Good luck guys.

Source: Visit here for more about Fishing In Sabah

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