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FREE DOWNLOAD:Hantu Tanah Kusir

If you are the fan of Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa, you should watch Hantu Tanah Kusir. This movie is being shown in the cinema at the moment and I believe there are many of us are looking forward to watch Maria ozawa acting on a real movie other than pornography.

I think this is the second film involvHantu Tanah Kusir Miyabi Maria Ozawa,free download hantu tanah kusir movie,hantu tanah kusir webpageing Maria Ozawa or Miyabi in Indonesia. The first one was 'Menculik Miyabi' a comedy movie. I watched the first movie and I would say it was a good movie.

The storyline of Hantu Tanah Kusir is very straight forward. The following is the synopsis of Hantu Tanah Kusir.
Jupri inherits a cart from his late sister-in-law but he the lack of passengers are causing him a loss. Because of this, Kirno, Jupri's best friend advised Jupri to seek blessings from his sister in-law's grave. However, he had gone to the wrong grave and prays to the spirit of a restless carriage ghost instead. Jupri's fate instantaneously changed when his number of passengers starts to increase until the arrival of a Japanese girl named Pauline, a reporter who is keen to write an article of the Betawi culture. Things take a worst turn the ruthless evil spirit goes on a rampage and starts to endanger everyone in the village.
Now I have a problem here. There are some request for a link to download this movie but I don't know where to download it. If any of you know where to get Free Download Hantu Tanah Kusir please share them here. I want to watch Maria Ozawa acting in this movie.

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