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Georgian women Babutsa Gordadze drug trail schedule in High Court Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

If you still remember last time I made two blog posts about a Georgian women Babutsa Gordadze drug case in Kota Kinabalu Sabah HERE and HERE, I received an e-mail from a journalist from the News Department, Georgian Public Broadcasting office (www.tv1.ge) asking me whether or not I could help them to get the hearing dates for Babutsa Gordadze for them.

Not to disappoint thGeorgian women Babutsa Gordadze drug trail schedule in High Court Kota Kinabalu Malaysiaem, and, knowing that court hearing schedule is not something a very sensitive and confidential issues in Malaysia so I called up the Kota Kinabalu High Court for the date of the next hearing for this case. The officer told me that the next hearing scheduled to be on 11th April 2011 next month in Kota Kinabalu High Court in Malaysia. I will call them again in April 2011 to confirm the date.

Still, whatever it is, we hope this case is handled properly and fairly by the court of law in Malaysia. We don't want anybody's right denied and that we pray that the Georgian women Babutsa Gordadze not found guilty as charged. It is up to the court to decide and we hope for the best for everybody.

Correction / Updates: The date given earlier on was 14th April 2011, corrected to 11th April 2011. I'm Sorry for the typo mistake. I will update again if there is anything new coming up related to this case.

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