Selasa, 29 Mac 2011

Make money with Nuffnang is impossible!!!

My Nuffnang ads has been around in my blog for about three months now. I would like to remind you that my blog is receiving a decent amount of organic traffic from search engine plus I also slapped Nuffnang ads block on my 3 other high traffic blogs and guess what? I checked my Nuffnang account a couple of minutes ago and my earning is still a freaking RM0.50!!! Can't you believe it?

I don't think Nuffnang is for me. I've been observing the Nuffnang ads pattern on my blog and all they have for me is Airasia, MilkADeal,DiGi, Prudential and Maxis ads. How do you expect to earn any money with that kind of ads being shown into your website or blog? When there are millions of other blogs are showing the same ads, when readers are already so used to those ads because there are no other ads to be served to your blog. Limited number of advertisers in Nuffnang?

If that is the case I think Nuffnang is dying and is no longer a profitable or good option to make money from the internet. How can you allow your website or blog being abused to show the same ads all the time? People will get so used to those ads and become ads blind. This is certainly not a very good sign for you if you are still thinking about making money with Nuffnang.

I've made my decision. I'm going to give it another month until the end of April 2011 and if my earning is still a freaking RM0.50 I am going to remove all of those Nuffnang ads blocks from all of my blogs and website. So Nuffnang team, you better work harder to find more advertiser so that you can server variety of Nuffnang ads to your publishers out here.

Do you have any other interesting experiences making money with Nuffnang? I would love to hear them here. Feel free to reply, comment or rebut my blog post if you like. I'm reaching my limit with Nuffnang.

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