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OMG! We have SABAH singer in Lebanon???

I was looking for some some entertainment info today and accidentally stumbled upon this news items about 'Sabah releases two new songs'. I was like oh wow..the state of Sabah in Malaysia releases 2 songs and I think that was great. Don't you think so?

Wait a minute, this is not aJeannette Gergi Feghali,Lebanonbout Sabah in Malaysia. Sabah in here is a person, if I'm not mistake. OK let me check the this Sabah think whether the person is he or she. Wait..don't go.

I'm back. Sabah is a female and her real name is Jeannette Gergi Feghali from Wadi Chahrour Lebanon. And Sabah is 83 years old, born in 10 November 1927 and she just released 2 songs, still active on stages performing! That make me 'Wow' again. Awesome, she is truly a born entertainer and gifted talent in entertainment industry.

Below is a new news item about Sabah's two new songs quoted from
Lebanese singer Sabah released two new songs on Lebanese radio: “Enbasat Beomrak” (Happy with You) and “Baddi Redak” (Seeking Your Approval). Kuwaiti newspaper “Al Anbaa” reports the artist recorded the songs before going to the hospital to undergo regular medical tests. Sabah insists on pursuing her artistic career despite health problems. “Enbasat Beomrak” is written by Michael Juha and composed by Joseph Juha, while “Baddi Redak” is written and composed by Elie Shuairi. The actress and recording artist said she wants to follow the drama “Al Shahroura” about her life, saying her nephew Clauda Akl is responsible for following the show's details and demanded editing the script.
I don't know where to get Sabah's two new songs “Enbasat Beomrak” (Happy with You) and “Baddi Redak” (Seeking Your Approval). Now I am interested to listen to it. I would like to hear how 83 years old women still capable performing on stage and carry high pithed songs.

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