Jumaat, 4 Mac 2011

Showcase Mentor 5 concert in Shah Alam

So I know this is the thing you are waiting for. The showcase Mentor 5 concert in Shah Alam this coming Sunday in Auditorium MBSA, Shah Alam.

Make sure you book your ticket earlier to secure your seat for the concert. Here you will see their Mentor 5 2011 proteges making their appearance.

The details of the event is as follows:-

Date/Day: Sunday, 6 Mac 2011
Time: 8.00pm (Live concert begin at 9.00pm)
Venue: Auditorium MBSA, Shah Alam

Don't miss the chance to watch them on live show in Shah Alam this Sunday.
Mentor 5 2011 proteges list. Showcase Mentor 5 concert in Shah AlamSource/photo: ohbulan.com

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