Stephen Rahman Hughes Wedding Photos

Stephen Rahman Hughes and Anjali Mehra wedding photos in Tuscany ItalySo Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa will be shown on 10 March 2011. It is a must watch movie and definetly I'm looking forward to watch it. Can't wait for it.

While we are waiting for this much awaited malay movie produced by KRU Production, there are big debate all over the online community on whether or not Stephen Rahman Hughes is a Malay and muslim. Some people says Stephen R. Hughes is a Malay and indeed a muslim guy, while some people says that Stephen Rahman Hughes is a non-muslim.

I did some research about him and I found out that this guy is a half Malay. His mother is a Malay women from Johor but living in UK.

I did more search and I found this Stephen Rahman Hughes wedding photo taken during his wedding ceremony in Tuscany, Italy with Anjali Mehra.

The debate gotten really intense, where the Malay and Muslim community do not seems happy that Stephen Hughes is supposed to be a Muslim but he did his wedding ceremony during the month of Ramadhan when all muslim people are fasting. On the other hand that alone had confirmed that Stephen Rahman Hughes probably is not a Muslim after all.

I can't give you any final answer about Stephen Rahman Hughes's religion status.

One thing for sure, whatever it is, whether he is a Malay, Muslim or non-Muslim, I'm going to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. That is the most important than any other thing. I don't care whether he is a Malay, Muslim or non-Muslim.

We live in a multi-religion society, we must respect one rights on religion or personal belief.
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