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Tineke Geessink, Netherlands oldest new mother

Do you believe in miracles? Miracles do happen in life and we will just have to believe and accept it. The is a new story about a 63 years old women, Tineke Geessink from Harlingen, Netherlands giving birth to a daughter baby Meagan.

A 63-yearTineke Geessink 63, Harlingen Netherlands-old Dutch woman has given birth to a daughter on Monday, becoming the oldest-ever new mother in the Netherlands, AFP reports.

"Baby Meagan was born at the Medical Centre Leeuwarden at 9.48am local time (4.48pm Malaysia time) on March 21,' said a statement on the website of the hospital in the northern Dutch province of Friesland.

"Meagan is the daughter of Tineke Geessink, a 63-year-old woman from Harlingen."

The baby was born with the aid of Caesarian section, said the statement, adding: "Both mother and daughter are fine".

Dutch media reports said Geessink was the oldest-ever Dutch woman to become a mother.

"It is a feeling that I have had for so long, to have a child," the single mum told Dutch public radio, NOS.

"At some point there was something inside me saying: 'It is now or never', and I decided to try everything possible to see if it is still possible."

The NOS said the woman got pregnant through a foreign sperm donor as Dutch fertility doctors would not help her due to her age.

"There is no guarantee that if you have a child at a young age you will see your child grow up," Geessink added. "Of course, the risk with me is bigger. And whether the child will find it nice to have such an old mother ... I hope that she loves me so much that she will just be glad to have me."


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