Sabtu, 19 Mac 2011

Traveling from Sandakan to Tawau

I'm writing this items from Tawau. Traveling from Sandakan to Tawau by bus this morning and the journey took around 5 to 6 hours on bus to Tawau. The bus fare from Sandakan to Tawau is RM 42.00 for aiconditioned bus.

Although the bus I took today was agSandakan to Tawau bus fare,Sandakan bus station,Tawau bus station,PGA in Sabah,travel to Tawau,Diving in Tawau,fishing in Tawau,tourist guide tawau,etawau.coming but everything still functioning very well. They even have DVD player but they us USB drive to run the movie. I think they downloaded the entire length of the movie into the USB drive. Wow..that solve the problem of bumpy road, should they use real DVD it won't go that well on a bumpy road.

The weather in Sandakan was not so good this morning. The weather in Tawau was fine this afternoon and I think that will be good to those who are going for their fishing or diving trip in Tawau. Truly so, I saw many tourists roaming Tawau city this afternoon. I believe this is a good development, more tourists coming to Tawau means more business for the local people.

Now the journey from Sandakan to Tawau was not so pleasant as due to bad weather recently there are too much pot-holes on the road and the bus I was traveling with have to go slow to avoid those holes and uneven road.

I was lucky, the driver was good, he doesn't seems someone who are easily gets irritated or grumpy. That is a quality that a must have to all bus driver. He didn't smoke in the bus although he is a smoker. But I saw him eating candies to stop the urge to smoke while driving.

The only thing I didn't love so much was the music was too loud. And all the musics or songs that was played are Indonesian songs, all kinds of Dangdut and much more. Mostly from Indonesian band by the name 'Kangen Band'. Yes, I could understand the reason behind it. About 60% of the passengers was Indonesian.

As we approaching Tawau city, I can see the environment changes drastically. The city now looks much more like Indonesian and Filipino city than a city belong to the local. I think, a take over is going to happen when the immigrants from Indonesia and Philippines outnumber the local people.

It wouldn't surprise me even a bit if that happen. The government does not seems serious about doing something on this issue. Last time, I still remember there are Pasukan Gerak Am (PGA) checkpoint in Mile 32, Sandakan and near the junction to Semporna and Tawau, but now those checkpoints are no longer exist. Do they think it is not needed anymore?

I have no idea why the government no longer stationed the PGA officers there to carry out the checking on travelers document such as passport and Identity Card (IC). I think the need for it is even much greater now then before as the number of immigrants coming into the state of Sabah is increasing at an amazing speed.

With all of this issue going on unsolved by the government, I can see the event that occurred in West Kalimantan not so long ago between the Dayak community and Madura community may happen in Sabah. We hope that we don't have to come to that level.

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