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Why the Philippines suck:18 reasons!!!

I wonder whether the writer of this blog post '18 reasons why the Philippines suck' and the owner of this blog jstuff29, is actually a Filipino.

Although based on my oFilipino women sucks,Philippines suck,Filipino people suckbservation some of the reasons given by the writer are quite true but I still do not think a Filipino will setup a blog about Philippines suck or writes a blog post listing down why the Philippines suck

Below are his 18 reasons why the Philippines suck I lifted out from his blog:-

(1) For P50, the Filipino’s vote can be bought.
(2) For P500, the Filipino can have someone assassinated; just look at all those murderers loose on motorbikes.
(3) Tsimays literally go after White Americans, have themselves impregnated, go to the States, and speak in broken English, thinking that they look like Whites themselves.

(4) Filipinos always ask to be “treated” to lunch or dinner.

(5) Wherever there is free food, you will find a large congregation of Filipinos, especially those from the slum areas.

(6) The Filipino wants to borrow money; if someone refuses, they immediately badmouth the person.

(7) Try collecting debt from someone who owes you, and you will end up either being the “vile” person, or you’ll get yourself killed.

(8) Look at all the Filipino shows; their jokes are corny.

(9) Is it a wonder if Filipinos born abroad hides the fact that they come from a Filipino lineage ? Lots of them in the US.
(10) Filipinos are copycats; cannot get good ideas on their own. Lots of your TV shows are actually copied from either Asian or American shows.
(11) Filipinos are fond of asking for alms; go to any church and you’ll see lots of beggars lining up on the streets.

(12) Filipinos are always embroiled in controversy; remember the Nursing Licensure exams, or whatever that was where the answer was leaked ? Shame on you !

(13) Look at Filipino politics! Dynasties abound !

(14) Whenever a male foreigner marries a Filipino woman / maid, can you see her entire FAMILY tagging along, being fed by the foreigner ? Poor chap ! From the parents to the aunts to the 3rd or 4th degree cousins … they all live under one roof … poor foreigner.

(15) Tagalogs hate the Visayans and those from the south, while the Visayans call those from Manila Imperialists.

(16) Look at your senators and congressmen! TV personality Loren Legarda, action star Lito Lapid, and a host of other people who basically don’t have half the brains to do their jobs ? heh !

(17) Apo Hiking Society has a song “American Junk.” They basically castigated the Americans. Yet they applied for visas to hold a concert in Las Vegas ? Goodness, how thick could you get !

(18) Your leftist groups, like Gabriela, always takes to the streets chanting anti-American slogans! Yet for all you know, the aid coming from America is in millions of dollars helping your economy stand on it’s feet. Ingrates!

So do you agree with those 18 points? I don't agree with some of it. I been to the Philippines a couple of times already and the Filipino people are very nice, helpful and friendly.

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