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Yuna Pictures by Jonathan Mannion top US Photographer

Exclusive Yuna pix by top US photog Jonathan Mannion
By Noorsila Abd Majid

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Local indie pop darling Yuna recently had her best photographs taken by famed American celebrity photographer, Jonathan Mannion in New York.

"Don't know him? Google him!" Yuna tweeted upon excitement.

Mannion's impressive resume includes capturing hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot and the late Aaliyah on his lens.

"To be honest, Jonathan was the most awesome, most humble and down-to-earth person we've met on this trip," Faiz, Yuna's travelling sound engineer told The Daily Chilli exclusively.

Her exclusive shots will be used for all her promo activities in the US, under Fader Label.

"It's inspiring on so many different levels that someone who has achieved such incredible heights, while combining his work with his passion, is still intensely in-touch with the human side of things. He is unmistakably kind and accommodating to people - especially towards new faces like Yuna. He's a man made of all the good formulas."

A close friend of Yuna's, Faiz was with the Dan Sebenarnya hitmaker throughout her musical journey in London and New York from Feb till March.

You can share their amazing experiences with Mannion on Yuna Inspired Powered by DiGi, currently aired over Astro Hitz (Channel 705).

Yuna fans can also take part in a singing contest and win big prizes. For more info, log on to www.yunainspired.com
Credit: dailychilli.com

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