Rabu, 20 April 2011

Babutsa Gordadze court hearing was postponed

Babutsa Gordadze. Darejan KokhtashviliMay be some of you are looking for the information about a Georgian citizen that are currently detained in Penjara Kepayan Kota Kinabalu for drugs trafficking case. The latest information that we have is that the court hearing for this case was postponed because there are no Georgian interpreter.

Georgian interpreter is needed for Babutsa's lawyer to get more details about the case.

Kota Kinabalu high court postponed the court trial into the case of Babutsa Gordadze, 26, one of the 2 Georgian detained women in Malaysia. The new date for the court hearing for this case will be on May 23, - a special reporter of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) reports.

A special reporter of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) have managed to shot the video footage of the court trial.

Malaysian lawyer Ronny Cham is defending the positions of the Georgian convict at the hearing.

The trial was postponed because of translation problems. Local government appointed Russian-speaking translator to the detainee, however translation problems have occurred.

The data of the court trial into the case of Darejan Kokhtashvili, 37, the other Georgian woman is yet unknown.

Two Georgian women Babutsa Gordadze and Darejan Kokhtashvili face death penalty in Malaysia. They were detained on October 24, 2010 under charges of transportation of drugs.

The Georgian side is trying its best that the charge is averted. The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively involved in the case.

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