Irresponsible bus driver in Kota Kinabalu

You probably well-aware about buses is no longer allowed to operate inside the city centre of Kota Kinabalu. All the buses will have to go to Wawasan Plaza bus terminal. Those buses once inside Wawasan Plaza bus terminal will have to wait for their turn to get passengers.

However there are always some sick-minded people especially some bus drivers who choose not to go in but offloading passangers outside the bus terminal next to the traffic light. Not only that, they will go around and wait for passsangers at the other side of the road also next to the traffic light. They are waiting for passengers that coming out from Wawasan Plaza.

This will cause road congestion and dangerous to the people those who wants to cross the road to get to the bus terminal.

I believe that Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK) and traffic police should to do something about it. Sooner or later if this irresponsible bus drivers continue to do that, something bad will happen such as road accident.

I was driving from my office this afternoon and I saw this thing again. What a disgusting sight to see those irresponsible bus drivers doing that. I believe that many of you have seen it happened there in Wawasan Plaza.

If any of you come across with that one day please take the bus picture and send it to traffic police and DBKK. Sad thing, I didn't bring my camera today. Yeah..may be next time. I'm sure they will do it again and again.
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