Sabtu, 2 April 2011

KLMU SABAH: April 2011 New Student Intake

I received many education flyers in my mail box from many colleges in Malaysia. There are also so many offer letters coming in to my mail box recently and I don't know how they got my address and name. Those colleges seems to know even my mobile phone number and now I keep receiving many phone calls and sms.

Now my mail box is always full with education flyers and offer letters and most of the time I will just throw it into the dust bin without giving it a second look.

Out of all those flyers I noticed one flyers that is quite interesting. A picture of beautiful young lady with progammes and courses are listed on her side. There are also a phone number below the women picture. That flyer is belong to KLMU college in Sabah. They sure got many beautiful girls studying there. Haha I don't know but using somebody pictures, a women is certainly not that nice to do. That sometimes gives wrong impression from the public but KLMU college always use women pictures in many of their flyers.

I wonder if it is actually a lady on offer (just joking) if you enrolled yourself into KLMU college in Sabah or something but I admire the creativity of the person who designed the KLMU College flyer.

Anyway, I called up the guy from the number on the flyer and was told KLMU Sabah is having its new student intake this April 2011. So if you are waiting to register with KLMU Sabah college this is time for you. You may register online through their webpage at KLMU SABAH.

For more information visit their webpage here>>> KLMU SABAH

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