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Partial Medical Training Program (July 2011 intake)-Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

I stumbled upon this news items from PendidikanMalaysia.com, it is a very good news and worth sharing. Since SPM and STPM result was just released, I'm sure there are many SPM and STPM leavers are looking for an opportunity to further their studies. This is very good for those who are looking to further and get a future job in health science. Good luck guys!!!

Partial Medical Training Program (July 2011 intake)-Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Scholarship Info
* Reapplying candidates still within valid registration period do not have to apply apply. Applying again would be considered a new application.
* Training period is for 3 years and is managed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
* Graduates will be selected to serve under the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
* Intakes are in January and July every year.

* At least 3 credits and 3 passes including Bahasa Malaysia and Oral Test in SPM level.
* Priority is given to applicants with credits in Bahasa Malaysia, Science, Mathematics and English.

Preferred discipline
* Diploma in
1. Pharmacy
2. Allied Health Sciences
3. Dentistry
4. Physiotherapy
5. Radiology
6. Nursing
7. Medical Lab Technology

* Monthly scholarship (Training Program in Diploma level): RM 621.21.
* Annual book allowance: RM 250.00.
* Stationery allowance (given once only): RM 25.00.
* Annual project paper allowance: RM 90.00.
* Accomodation and uniform are provided.

How to apply: Apply online HERE.

Contact Info
* Read the Malaysian Public Service Commisson advertisement.
* For enquiries, contact the Registration Unit at 03-8885 6297 / 6260 / 6268 / 6269 / 6270 / 6294
* Or contact the Partial Medical Unit at03-8885 6254 / 6264 / 6267 / 6295 / 6435 / 6436 / 6278 / 6281

More information and news about universities, colleges and scholarships at >>> PENDIDIKAN MALAYSIA.

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