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Posting ads on the walls of buildings in Kota Kinabalu

Posting ads on building wall in Kampung Air area Kota KinabaluI was walking around Kg Air area in Kota Kinabalu recently and was surprised and impressed with the beautification efforts done by Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK). I saw that the area infront of the Indian restaurant had been beautified. I was happy with it.

I sat on one of the chair waiting for my friend to arrive to pick me up. I believe that this beautification efforts cost money, off course tax payers money.

Around Kampung Air area, I saw so many new hotels. Compared to the last time I went to this area, Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu now looks much more organize, clean and safe for the people or tourist. I wonder when will a police post will be station there to further ensure the area are safe for everyone all the time.

More hotels in this area means more tourist or travelers coming around Kampung Air area. That translates into many business opportunities for the people especially businesses such as eating outlets, SPAs, Cybercafes, taxi services and many more. More business means more job opportunities for the people.

I took the opportunity to went around one coffee shop by the name Restaurant Fun Sen, where people come here for the Ikan Bakar (BBQ fish) and satay. Next to the restaurant there is a bakery shop. It is not the bakery shop that managed to grab my attention, but the wall outside of this bakery shop was full with business advertisements.

The wall become so dirty and looking ugly with old and new advertisement papers are sticking out around it. With all the money and efforts to make sure Kampung Air area looks beautiful, there are some irresponsible people, thinking only about themselves making the walls looks old, dirty and ugly.

I wonder if those advertisement papers had been given approval to be there by Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK). If it is not, then DBKK should take a drastic and continous action to stop all the ads posting activity on building walls around the city.

To track down the culprit is not that hard. They just need to take note those phone number on the ads, call up those guys and charge them. If there are no such law available for this, they can propose a new by-law or something.

But we can't blame the people who did it 100%. In other countries like Australia and New Zealand, there are public notice board provided for it. I haven't came across such notice board yet in Kota Kinabalu.

Whatever it is, I think DBKK should stop all those posting ads on building wall around Kota Kinabalu as soon as possible.

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