Khamis, 21 April 2011

Rungus FM

Rungus FM Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA)As I type away this blog items, a joget song from Rungus FM a dedicated radio channel for Rungus community is being aired. Honestly, I'm so proud of those who created Rungus FM or RUNGUSFM for the people of Rungus. If you are talking about moving on to a more advance society, having a radio dedicated for Rungus is one of the first thing we should have.

When the Japanese was occupying Sabah, none are allowed to have radio or TV. The reason was, to prevent the people from getting any news or information that may trigger the formation of certain group or movement to go against the Japanese. If the people are constantly being feed by so much information and news they tend to become wiser and will be able to make an informed and calculated decision.

Radio is where we can share information quicker and cheaper. Of course setting up a radio channel will cost you some money but once it is established all you will need is a dedicated individual to run the show. For this I respect Jelani Hamdan or well-known as Tuan JH in Facebook community and his team for all the efforts, time and money spent on making RungusFM a success.

Hopefully through Rungus FM, it will be much easier for the Rungus community to share information to each other, especially information about business opportunities, educations, job etc.

If you are interested to join Rungus FM and interested to further information visit Rungus FM Facebook HERE or listen to RUNGUSFM HERE.

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  1. Mr Tom, I try to listen to the FM but the connection refused... something wrong with the FM frequency ???

  2. i didn hear anything....why what the problem???


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