Isnin, 4 April 2011

Scholarships awards 2011 list in Malaysia

I believe many of you are looking for scholarship or student education loan to further your studies. I stumbled upon a webpage with scholarship list today. Thinking about you I think there is nothing wrong sharing it to you here. Who know you may be interested to apply in one of the scholarships listed there in

Just in case, I put down here the image of this webpage so that you know you are in a correct webpage.
Scholarships 2011 list in MalaysiaActually there are so many scholarships available out there for you to apply. Most of those scholarships and student education loans listed in is hitting its dateline this month April 2011. Hurry up and get the scholarships application done as soon as possible.
Malaysia scholarship 2011 listFor further information please visit Good luck!

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  1. Is there any other procedure to get education loan? pls give some simple way how to get education Loan? Pls......


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