Jumaat, 8 April 2011

Shervinton Hotel and Prince Hotel in Tawau

Tawau city is growing at an amazing speed. Each time I come here there is always something new and the most recent one is the opening of the two new hotels at Jalan Bunga Tawau. The two hotel is Shervinton Hotel and Prince Hotel Tawau. These two hotels opened for business a couple of months ago and surely looks very fresh and new.

There is bad side and good side from this. The bad side is, other hotels around the area will have to cut down their room rates and extra costumer services to attract more costumers.

The best thing out of it is costumer has more choices on which hotel to choose, receive better services from the hotel and more people coming in to Tawau. This will give more business to the people in Tawau especially in services industry.

Shervinton Hotel room rates start from RM 98.00 for standard single to RM 328.00 for executive suite, while Prince Hotel starts from RM 88.00 for standard twin to RM 138.00 for king suite.

The hotel where I used to stay Dynasty Hotel now launched their promotion rates from RM 65.00 for standard single compared to RM 90.00 before.

Now costumer can get a better hotel deals, better services and more choices to choose from in Tawau. The only thing is the city cleanliness and safety in Tawau has not improved so to say. I was really feeling unsafe walking around in Tawau city especially at night time since the city now feels more like a city for immigrant. The government should do more in safety aspects in Tawau.

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