Ahad, 3 April 2011

STPM, Matriculation or College which is better???

I've been asked the above question so many times recently. I believe that SPM 2010 students and still thinking about where to go to further their studies. The question that is often being asked is what to choose, STPM, matriculation or college? I don't blame you for this question as this is a very good question.

There are some write-ups and researches was done to shade some light over this issue. After searching high and low all over the internet, I found one that is very good for you to use as your guidelines in order to make the final decision for your life.

As for me I took STPM. I choose STPM last time not because my SPM was poor but because I want to minimise the cost, nearer to my family and because I can't afford to study in a college. So I decided to took up STPM. However we are all not the same. I was raised in a low-income family and that is one of the main reason why I took up STPM and those matriculation was in Peninsular Malaysia and off course will need a lot of money. Back then, PTPTN loan was not yet created and introduced. Compared to now, it was a lot harder last time and competition to get into matriculation is also very tough. Even if you take STPM, you will need 5 Principals (5P) to get a place in the university. You will see those days, STPM student are 'Ulat Buku' and they read a lot of books, researches and discussions to find an answer to certain question.

Anyway, if you are looking for some tips for this topic visit here >>> PENDIDIKAN MALAYSIA. I stumbled upon that news items yesterday and I think this is quite useful to you. Good luck!

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