Borneo Jazz 2011

Borneo Jazz 2011. Jazz Borneo 2011 venueI'm not much a Jazz lover but I think there are many of you are looking forward to see the coming of Borneo Jazz 2011.

This time Borneo Jazz 2011 will be held from 12th - 15th May 2011 in Miri Sarawak, Malaysia. It seems this time Jazz lovers will swarm Miri city, Sarawak. I've been to Miri city long time ago. Miri is a very busy, fast growing city in Sarawak.

Having Borneo Jazz 2011 in Miri, Sarawak this year is a very good move to promote this vibrant, full with energy city to be one of a must visit city in Sarawak. I think Miri city is also the gateway to Mulu National Park and Niah Cave.

Tickets are available online at If you need more information about Borneo Jazz, details are available online at or e-mail them at

Have a nice time in Miri Sarawak. I hope you will enjoy it.
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