SUNDUVAN FM Online Radio

It seems this blog was not been updated for quite sometimes now. This is due to the fact the I spent most of my time getting my other online project completed. The new project is setting up my SUNDUVAN FM an online radio for my readers in

After so much time spent on doing research and learning how to control the online radio software, finally the battle is over and I came out as victorious. Here we are, brought to you our online radio Sunduvan FM.

The setting up of this online radio channel it to ensure our readers and webpage visitors are entertained while touring around our humble blog.

SunduvanFM is still very new. it just came out from the oven and I'm sure there are so many shortcomings may occurs from time-to-time. We will try to ensure SunduvanFM is free from any major problem.

So how to listen to SunduvanFM? It is very simple. Simply click this link -->>SUNDUVANFM. You will be taken into a page. Choose your player (winamp/windowsmedia/realplayer) I normally will choose winamp to listen to SunduvanFM online streaming. You may also click the logo on the right sidebar of this blog.

Ok. I hope you like it and have a good day folks!
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