Isnin, 11 Julai 2011


momogun fm,,rungus radio onlineI'm so happy to share this information with you, that MOMOGUN FM a Momogun People online radio was launched recently. A group of young people took up the challenge to setup MOMOGUN FM to provide entertainment, information sharing and online shopping or Momogun marketplace for the people.

I was informed that Momogun FM was launched last week. I visited their webpage at and was so impressed with it. I hope that this online radio will survive and move ahead to do bigger roles and responsibility to provide entertainment, promoting Momogun or Rungus cultures and many more in the future.

I had some chit chat with the administrators of Momogun FM. They told me that the radio channel will be fully run in Rungus language and the future plan was to setup Momogun Foundation. They are still working on a paperwork to make it possible and I believe that they can do it.

Once again I want to use this particular blog post to congratulate them for this well-done job. You guys are awesome and I will try my best to support MOMOGUN FM

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