Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

Naruto Manga 548 - Read Online

Naruto Manga 548, Naruto Manga Chapter 548n onlineNaruto Manga 548 is not out yet. I was looking for it last night and was told by my friend that Naruto Manga 548 is only out most probably tonight or tomorrow morning.

What a wait.. but I think Naruto Manga chapter 548 will continue with unacceptable amount of flashback and talking.

What a boring chapter but hopefully this chapter will be much better than the previous one.

Couldn't wait for this chapter. Why Kishi only able to draw 17 pages a week.. it must be around 25 pages? Hahaha

OK, if you are looking for Naruto Manga 548 online, you may visit Manga Stream to get the latest chapter not only Naruto series but also many other online manga such as One Piece and Bleach.

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